Spring 2020

It’s a hard time for my friends who work in the film & TV business in Vancouver.

All of the shows are shuttered now, hoping that the world can reopen soon.

Looking out at one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver and the North Shore mountains

April 2020

From Our Dark Side Winner 2020

I’m so very pleased to be a winner in the Women in Film & Television, from our Dark Side contest. This win allows me to develop my winning pitch into a pilot and a great series plan, complete with graphic designer and story editor mentors! So, if the Pandemic doesn’t stop us, we’re going to Montreal in July with this project! Thanks Women In Film & Television Vancouver!

My April is devoted to writing the screenplay first draft!

Progress so far:

Detailed Pitch worked on at the WIF-DS week early in March. I must get back to the Pitch before we show it anywhere.

Outline – I used a method that J. Michael Straczynski wrote about years ago. Basically, all of your beats must fit on a legal sized paper, one per line. This gave me about 40 beats, give or take a few. These will expand out into smaller scenes in the script version.

Script – Progress currently on page 28 as of April 16yh am.